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                           What is wax?

Wax is a thc cannabis concentrate. Somewhere between gooey, liquid concentrates like hash oil and solid. Brittle concentrates like shatter. Wax has an opaque appearance and a thick but malleable, wax-like texture. Buy wax online by clicking on our shop menu.

Depending on variables such as extraction technique, moisture, and temperature, wax can take on a number of different forms ranging from more liquid, runny wax to more solid, brittle wax.  The solid end of the wax spectrum includes things like “crumble” and “honeycomb,” which are starting to approach the texture and consistency of something like shatter.

 What are the different ways to smoke wax?

  • On a dab rig.
  • Using a nectar collector.
  • In a wax vape pen or another concentrate vaporizer.
  • Added to a joint, spliff, or blunt.
  • Combined with flower in a bowl
  • Using a rudimentary knife dab.

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